Speaker of the House of Representatives, Ken Martinez

Air Dates: February 9-11, 2013

--- THIS WEEK: KEN MARTINEZ (D-District 69),
New Speaker of the House of Representatives


--- QUOTE:
- Martinez reflects on the fact that one-third of the
Legislature is new this Session:

"This class of freshmen went through the most horrendously
fought election cycle that we have ever had... How do you
govern after that? I was so worried about it. I went to
the first meeting of the new incoming class - which is
called freshman orientation - and there they were, sitting
in two rows, so many of them house and senate, Republican
and Democrat smiling, eager, so very proud to be serving
their communities. I thought, my God, this is going to
work. They are not sore winners, and they are so excited
to be part of this institution, this family which is the
New Mexico Legislature.”

February 10 – This week's guest on REPORT FROM SANTA FE is
the new Speaker of the House of Representatives Ken
Martinez (D-District 69), who expresses his vision for the
2013 Legislative Session.

Sharing personal stories of great Speakers before him,
Rep. Martinez talks about his father, Walter Martinez, and
the late Ben Lujan. He describes his optimism for smooth
coordination and clear communications between the
legislative chambers and the fourth floor. New jobs
initiatives for the state and important social justice
legislation are among his top priorities during this

Martinez describes the new Legislative Jobs Council, in
which he brings together “all the partners. We should
bring in all the labs…the universities, have legislative
leadership and our partners, which will be commerce and
industry but also labor because no one is more interested
in a job than a guy that slings a hammer for a living. Put
them all in a room, look at the best practices, and what
can we do to create jobs? "


- Martinez on the Film Industry:

"You know film isn't just about million dollar movie stars
making money. Film sets are made by carpenters and
carpenters love to sling those hammers and make things,
and when you are not building houses - our housing stats
are way down - and if you can build a film set instead…It
is amazing how much construction goes on, in that we could
put a lot of New Mexicans to work on films."

- Martinez on “Fairness” in New Mexico:

“If you come to a state that is fair - it is fair to the
poor people, it is fair to people of color, it is fair to
our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters - people like
coming to that type of atmosphere. They certainly don't
want to go to a place where they feel a kind of an
oppression, of discrimination, or hardship against the
poor. They want to come to a place where people like each